Vintage Cameras and Lenses in Social Media

Want to easily share your photographs made with vintage lenses or do you want to learn from other photographers using vintage lenses? Have a look on following recommended Social Media pages:

Instagram: Best Vintage Lenses on Instagram

This Instagram page has more than 3,000 subscribers and shows many beatiful photographs shot with vintage lenses: 

Best Vintage Lens in Instagram

Usage hint: Almost every photo is correctly tagged with the lens type, e.g. #bvl_helios44-2. By clicking on the tagged link, you will easily find more photos from the legendary Russian Helios 44-2 lens with some nice Bokeh examples:

See the top-9 photos from 2018 here:


Facebook: Photography With Classic Lenses

The public Facebook Group “Photography With Classic Lenses” has more than 10,000 members: 

Classic Lens Podcast in Facebook

This Facebook Group is also a good companion if you hear the Classic Lenses Podcast, because it gives you many Internet links of information in the podcast episodes. The Classic Lenses Podcast is to be found here:


Please post other interesting social media pages in a comment below, if you can recommend them for vintage camera and lens enthusiasts.

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