Recommended Photography Podcasts

Tony and Chelsea Northrup

The informative and entertaining videos about all kind of photography topics:

Especially Tony’s explanation of the DXOMarks for checking which new lenses to buy or not to buy, is enlighting:

Link to DxOMark website:

Their photography video and audio podcast “Picture This” you will find here:


Do you fear, that you suffer from VLAS? (Vintage Lens Acquisition Syndrome) 

Subscribe to following podcasts, and then you will learn that …

  1. You are not alone with VLAS
  2. Others suffer much severe from VLAS than you do
  3. You can learn many facts about vintage lenses from those people which helps you to prepare better for the next ebay or flea market deal


Classic Lenses Podcast

The informative and entertaining Classic Lenses Podcast of Simon Forster (Stoke on Trent, UK), Karl Havens (Gainesville, Florida/USA)  and Johnny Sisson (Chicago, Illinois/USA): 

Classic Lenses Podcast

If you like Jeremy ClarksonRichard Hammond und James May as moderators of the Emmy awarded entertainment show TopGear, then you will probably also like this podcast. They function well together, and even they still don’t know why, according to Jeremy Clarkson.

Find the Internet links mentioned in the podcasts and more infos on the Facebook page here:


Classic Camera Revival Podcast

The informative Classic Camera Revival Podcast from Toronto, Canada:

Classic Camera Revivalhttps://classiccamerarevival.

You will find many useful information about classic cameras, like: Do not pay the Planar lens penalty for a Rolleiflex!


Please post information about other podcasts in a comment below, if you can recommend them for vintage camera and lens enthusiasts.



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