Ninebot MAX G30 e-Scooter review

I was driving “Greta-friendly” to a wild bee hotel with the Ninebot MAX G30D e-Scooter (German model) to shoot the superzoom lens comparison photos. Here are the PROS and CONS of this e-Scooter:

München Munich e-Roller e-Scooter Segway ascheim efuture walter dorfner Ninebot MAX G30
Walter Dorfner (left) in front of his e-future shop in Munich-Ascheim, It’s better to buy an e-Scooter from a local dealer for good advice, service and care. (

PROS of the Ninebot MAX G30 e-Scooter

  1. High build quality and range up to approx. 65km (75kg passenger travelling at 15km/s and 20 degrees Celsius)
  2. Ten-inch tubeless pneumatic tires for a smoother ride
  3. Regenerative brake system in the rear hub motor, recharging when you brake 
  4. Stable drive when accelerating and breaking with the rear hub motor
  5. Built-in power unit, only a simple cable is needed to completely charge the e-Scooter in approx. 6 hrs
  6. Water resistance rating of IPX5 for the whole body (IPX7 water resistance for its core components)
  7. Foldable, which is mandatory for free transportation on Munich’s S-Bahn and other trains
  8. Cruise control – when you maintain the same speed for five seconds, the scooter keeps that speed (nice for driving long distances), however according to some forum news this function will be disabled in a current firmware version

CONS of the Ninebot MAX G30 e-Scooter

  1. Heavy: 19.5kg weight, approx. the same weight as a full, 20-glass-bottle crate of Bavarian beer
  2. Non-adjustable steering rod, which is too high for shorter people