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classic lenses community numbers age gender interests
It’s the third anniversary of this website about classic camera lenses! Let’s celebrate with some Internet traffic related fun facts.

You’ll learn why so many visitors of this website come from the small town of Coffeyville in Kansas, USA, and that the largest age group of visitors is quite young.

My intention of starting this website was in answer to “The Brutal Truth: Nobody Cares About Your Photography“. Despite the idea’s widespread popularity at the time, I had my doubts.

I was convinced that my photos — taken with a 50-year-old classic lens like the Raynox 135mm f2.8, which I bought at a flea market for 10 Euro and adapted it to a cheap 400-Euro modern mirrorless camera like the Sony a6000 — were better than most of the photographs of people I was seeing that were taken with expensive, modern 1,000-Euro lenses on expensive 2,000-Euro cameras like the Sony a 7iii.

So, what to do to fight the brutal truth that nobody cares about my photography?

Three years ago, I created this website and started to post about classic camera lenses. It is a private and totally non-commercial project. A side goal at that time was to provide a playground for search engine optimization (SEO) and to reach people from more than 100 countries through organic traffic. But the main goal was to fight ‘the brutal truth’ idea as mentioned above.

I decided to aim for informative blog posts about using inexpensive classic camera lenses on modern mirrorless cameras. My first experience on this topic was using old Photo Porst M42 mount and Carl Zeiss C/Y mount lenses from my analog film era adapted to my Sony a6000 camera. I achieved surprisingly positive results regarding image quality, price/performance ratio and bokeh.

Being a history buff myself, and in order to differentiate my blog from other websites about classic lenses, I decided to also include information about historical events occuring at the same time as the introduction of whatever classic lens was the subject of each post.

In my opinion, a look at the Google Analytics traffic statistics reveals some interesting facts about the people interested in classic camera lenses.


How much Internet traffic does this website get?

According to Google Analytics, during the first three years, 13,080 users visited this website, a user being defined as a unique visitor who has initiated a session on the website. Webpages were viewed 27,609 times, and visitors spent on average almost two minutes on the website. Since last year, the website has been visited by approx. one user every hour and 24/7 from almost all regions of the world, although not from most African countries.

classic lenses community countries numbers
13,080 users visited this website in the first three years after launching. Click on the graphic to enlarge.

Let’s dive deeper into Google Analytics’ statistics to find out what kind of people are interested in classic camera lenses.


Fun fact #1: Friends of classic camera lenses are found world wide, with the exception of several countries in Africa

classic lenses community global world countries numbers
Except for several countries in Africa, the people interested in classic camera lenses are spread all over the world. Click on the graphic to enlarge.

To date, this website has received visitors from these 141 countries and territories with own Internet Top-Level Domains (in the order of decreasing frequency): United States, Germany, Indonesia, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Italy, France, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Finland, India, Sweden, Czechia, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines, Norway, Russia, Vietnam, South Korea, Ireland, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Denmark, Brazil, Portugal, Taiwan, Argentina, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia, Israel, Slovenia, Chile, Croatia, New Zealand, Latvia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Lithuania, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Iceland, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Brunei, Belarus, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Algeria, Estonia, Egypt, Morocco, North Macedonia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Macao, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Martinique, Greenland, Jersey, Panama, Puerto Rico, Georgia, El Salvador, Kuwait, Uruguay, Cuba, Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Namibia, Paraguay, Mongolia, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Oman, Guatemala, Nigeria, Iraq, Kenya, Mauritius, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Bolivia, Syria, Tunisia, Guam, Guernsey, Malta, Uzbekistan, Isle of Man, Montenegro, Jordan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Malawi, Bahamas, Kosovo, Réunion, New Caledonia, Haiti, Senegal, Moldova, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Andorra, Uganda, Ghana, Armenia, Jamaica, French Polynesia, Aruba, Liechtenstein, Honduras, Laos, Benin, Antigua & Barbuda, Seychelles and Barbados.

Subtracting the 16 non-sovereign territories with own Internet top-level domains (Aruba: .aw, Faroe Islands: .fo, French Polynesia: .pf, Guam: .gu, Guernsey: .gg, Greenland: .gl, Hong Kong: .hk, Isle of Man: .im, Jersey: .je, Kosovo: .xk, Macau: .mo, Martinique: .mq, New Caledonia: .nc, Puerto Rico: .pr, Réunion: .re, Taiwan: .tw), people from 125 sovereign countries and members of the UN have visited this website. As of today, the UN lists 193 sovereign countries as members.

People from 68 sovereign countries have never visited this website, but I assume that people from some countries such as Libya and South Sudan will not visit this website because they are likely to have other problems than learning about classical lenses.


Fun fact #2: The visitors of this website are mainly male (expected) and quite young (not expected)

classic lenses community age gender numbers
By far the largest age group of visitors is between 25 and 34 years old. Approx. every sixth visitor is female. Click on the graphic to enlarge.

I didn’t expect to find that younger people (between 25 and 34 years old) would be the largest age group of visitors. My suggested explanation for this is that this age group might be more experimental compared to older age groups, and the excellent price/performance ratio of classic camera lenses might appeal more to them since they haven’t usually settled on higher salaries at that age.


Fun fact #3: Visitors to this website are likely Value Shoppers, Home & Garden/Do-It-Yourselfers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

The visitors of this website fall most likely into the categories of “Shoppers/Value Shoppers”, “Lifestyle & Hobbies/Shutterbugs”, “Home & Garden/Do-It-Yourselfers”, and “Lifestyle & Hobbies/Outdoor Enthusiasts”. Do-it-yourselfer and outdoor enthusiast matches me 100%.

classic lenses community interests
Visitors of this website fall most likely into the categories of Value Shoppers, Lifestyle & Hobbies and Shutterbugs. Click on the graphic to enlarge.
global world classic lenses community interests
Visitors to this website fall most likely into the market segments of Consumer Electronics and Cameras and Camera Lenses. Click on the graphic to enlarge.


Fun fact #4: If you are female and reading this, you are most likely from Indonesia

As we have already learned, approx. every sixth visitor to this website is female. Taking a closer look at where these female visitors are from, Indonesia is in first place, having more than twice as many as Germany in second place. 

If you have an explanation for this, please contact me via e-mail or leave a comment below. The only things I can think of are: maybe Indonesia is full of used Japanese classic lenses; even if only a small percentage of Indonesians are shutterbugs, with such a large population of 276 million it would calculate into many individuals; maybe they are cost-sensitive and are living in a country full of beautiful photographic motifs.

A Google ID login or google cookies are not used in China, so Chinese visitors are not represented in following demographic statistics of Google Analytics.

Top-15 Gender/Country visitor groups

classic lenses community gender country
Females from Indonesia rank fifth among all male/female visitor groups. Click on the graphic to enlarge.


Fun fact #5: Still waiting for that first visitor from Bhutan…

Visitors from Nepal to this website are currently quite regular, but there’s not a single visitor from Bhutan. I like happy visitors and Bhutan is the only country in the world where happiness is enshrined in the country’s constitution. I do wonder why there are no visitors from certain countries, such as Bhutan and Libya. My assumption was that there must be no interest in classic lenses in these regions, and therefore no Google search queries related to classic lenses.

However, checking the Google Search Console, it shows impressions from approx. 50 more countries where this website was shown in Google search engine result pages, but received no click on the search result snippet.

In approx. 50 countries search results from this website were shown (impressions), but nobody clicked on the search result yet

classic lenses community numbers countries visitor bhutan
There are more than 50 countries that haven’t visited yet, though this website is listed in search results. Click on graphic to enlarge.

I think it’s just a matter of time until this humble website gets some visits from those countries, including Bhutan.


Fun fact #6: Where the heck is Coffeyville?

Let’s have a look to the top 20 cities whose users are visitors of this website:

classic lenses community coffeyville city
Everybody knows Budapest, Warsaw, Melbourne and Los Angeles, but where the heck is Coffeyville?

Find the town of Coffeyville in Kansas, USA here on Google Maps:

Why are there so many visitors from Coffeyville visiting this website? Someone has already looked into this. Here’s the explanation:

Why Am I Getting So Much Web Traffic From Coffeyville? [Solved]

Quote: Coffeyville just happens to be in a unique spot that’s not far from the geographic center of the lower 48 United States. When some location services can’t determine a visitor’s specific location within the United States, they drop an anchor right around the latitude/longitude midpoint of the country – in Coffeyville. ☕️


Fun fact #7: Top 10 territories and countries with the most visitors in relation to population size

The top 10 countries and territories according to the number of visitors in relation to the size of population are (in order of decreasing frequency):

Iceland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, Finland, Brunei, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden.


Fun fact #8: Most visited pages

To a high extent, the organic traffic to this website comes from Google Search queries, as well as backlinks from other websites of the classic lenses community. The following three posts have attracted the most visitors, presumably due to their useful technical information, interesting historical background information about the classic lenses under discussion, and an all-round entertaining good read:

Swirly Bokeh? The legendary Zeiss Biotar 58mm f2 vs. the Russian copy Helios 44M-4 58mm f2 lens

Lens Design Evolution: Gauss, Double Gauss, Planar, Biotar and Biometar

Olympia Sonnar Carl Zeiss 180mm f2.8 lens Made in West- vs East-Germany, which is better?

But there are important regional differences about the specific webpages that visitors are interested in. Segmenting the traffic data in Google Analytics to look only at visitors from Southeast-Asia, the preferred pages have almost nothing to do with search keywords like “legendary Carl Zeiss lenses”, but rather on value lenses that are classic, such as Minolta, Canon, etc., and non-classic, such as the inexpensive modern Viltrox 85mm f1.8 lens.

Top-10 Page/Country visitor groups from Southeast-Asia

classic lenses community southeast asia gender country viltrox 85mm f1.8 octoberfest night photos
Visitors from Southeast-Asia are not as interested in “legendary Carl Zeiss lenses” as they are in inexpensive classic lenses from Canon or Minolta, which “deliver more bang for the buck”. There is also a lot of interest in the “hyped” modern Viltrox 85mm f1.8 lens on APS-C cameras. Click on the graphic to enlarge.

See for yourself with these photos from Munich’s Octoberfest shot with the modern Viltrox 85mm f1.8 lens on an APS-C camera, which seems to be alluring to Southeast-Asian photographers.

Octoberfest night photos with Viltrox 85mm f1.8 lens on Sony a6000 APS-C camera

I hope these eight fun facts have shone some light on the structure of the classic camera lenses community.

classic lenses community numbers age gender interests
Large and heavy: Carl Zeiss Olympia medium format Sonnar 180mm f2.8 with Pentasix-to-E-Mount adapter and macro rings


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