Glocalme – the best mobile hotspot with 4G LTE?

So, you’re looking for the best mobile hotspot to connect your devices to a 4G LTE mobile network via WLAN, but you don`t know which one to buy?

Simply spoken, it depends on your requirements. Select the right model by answering a few simple questions. I use all three mobile hotspots (below) and can recommend all of them, depending on the usage requirements.


The simple: Huawei E5577Cs-321 mobile hotspot

glocalme lte



Buy this mobile hotspot if:

  • you are fine with a simple and inexpensive model that supports up to 150 Mbit/s LTE
  • you only need 2.4 GHz WLAN and you’re OK with a slow 5Ghz WLAN without fast 802.11ac mode
  • you need connectors for external LTE antennas
  • you’re OK with a not-so-fancy web configuration
  • you’re OK with a full-size SIM slot


The advanced: Netgear Aircard AC790 mobile hotspot


mobile hotspot netgear LTE 4G


Buy this mobile hotspot if:

  • you want a model that supports up to 300 MBit/s LTE where available
  • you want to connect Ethernet LAN devices with a docking station
  • you want to connect an Amazon Fire stick or other speed-hungry devices with 5GHz WLAN and fast 802.11ac mode and slow devices with 2.4GHz in parallel
  • you want to use it with 5GHz WLAN and fast 802.11ac mode in environments that are fully stuffed with overlapping 2.4GHz WLAN networks
  • you want to trigger and tune advanced LTE router features with a powerful web configuration for administrators
  • you need connectors for external LTE antennas
  • you like a Micro SIM slot


The traveller: Glocalme G3 mobile hotspot with virtual SIM



The Glocalme G3 mobile hotspot is a very special device because it supports a virtual SIM card in addition to two normal Micro SIM cards (see the two slots in the picture above). You can easily switch between the virtual SIM or one of the physical SIMs with the excellent user interface of the Glocalme mobile hotspot.

The virtual SIM behaves like a local SIM card built into the device to benefit from low-priced local network operators in more than 100 countries worldwide. The data prices of the virtual SIM is very comparable to local SIM cards, so there’s no need to buy local SIM cards anymore if you only need some inexpensive gigabyte data traffic when travelling.

What the heck are virtual SIM cards? Get more information about virtual SIM cards here:

Buy this mobile hotspot if:

  • you travel often and need virtual SIM support that enables you to use it in foreign countries with very low data cost (e.g. EUR 6.50 for 5 GB data in China)
  • you’re fine with changing between 2 Micro SIM cards quite often through the user interface
  • you are fine with 150Bit/s LTE and 2.4 GHz WLAN only to connect
  • you can live without connectors for an external LTE antenna


I hope this information helps you decide which 4G LTE mobile hotspot to buy.

One Reply to “Glocalme – the best mobile hotspot with 4G LTE?”

  1. I own the glocalme mobile hotspot because I travel a lot in Asia. The Glocalme G3 came with a free 1GB data transfer package worldwide. With a 6000 m/Ah battery, it runs for about 12 hours under load for me.

    I saved a lot of money because of low data rates when abroad, probably several times over the cost of the Glocalme.

    Super hotspot and LTE connections are very stable! In my view, the device is large and heavy but I don’t regret the purchase. I definitely recommend it too.

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