Topaz-AI enhanced Rollei analog photos spark nostalgia for Japan in the ’90s

Unveiling Vintage Japan: Transforming 1990s analog color slide photos with AI magic – Rediscovering Rollei 35 SE photo gems and enhancing with Topaz-AI and Luminar-AI

AI-Enhancing Classic Analog Shots from the Rollei 35 SE

The 1990s-era photographs underwent scanning by a Kodak Photo-CD approx. 6-megapixel scanning service, saved as TIFF files, and were subsequently enhanced through the following procedural stages:

  1. Enhancing the photos with following enhancement features of Topaz-AI version 2.41:
    Upscale 2x with AI Model “Low Resolution” to approx. 24-megapixel resolution, Remove Noise, Recover Faces, selective Preserve Text 
  2. Enhancing the photos with Luminar-AI version 1.5.5 regarding lighting and coloring

Compare the original analog photos with the AI-enhanced photos

When you click on an image in the galleries, following buttons will allow you to select some features, including a slideshow (which is auto-started for some galleries, you have to press the pause button to stop a slideshow):

Slideshow | Fullscreen | Image-Info | Original-size

The three wise monkeys in the photo above depict the proverb “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” from Japanese culture. The photo of the original source of this motto shows the 17th-century carving above a door of the Tōshō-gū shrine in Nikkō, Japan.

To be honest, I’m not really happy with the results of the AI-processing, as the grain size of the analog color slide film scanned by KODAK on a Photo-CD in the 1990s seems to make good noise reduction and image enlargement very difficult. I will come back with an improved AI-enhancement process in some time.

Do you know a better process to AI-enhance the analog photos or have any questions?

Feel free to share your insights or questions regarding AI-enhancements for vintage analog photos. Your comments are highly valued. Please note that comments undergo manual verification to prevent spam, which may cause a delay in their appearance.

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