Good bokeh! Viltrox 13mm f1.4 “Little Bastard” lens bokeh review 

Viltrox 13mm f1.4 lens
The Viltrox 13mm f1.4 is a much-hyped APS-C lens for the Sony E-mount, Fuji X-mount and Nikon Z-mount. It is an ideal lens for video shooting and YouTube vlogging due to its virtually zero distortion, near-zero focus breathing, fast and quiet autofocus

Can this lens also produce beautiful bokeh?

Let’s take a look at the bokeh of this Viltrox 13mm f1.4 lens with some photos of the Porsche 550 Spyder, nicknamed “Little Bastard” by the famous American film actor James Dean. He had a deadly car accident with his Porsche 550 Spyder in 1955.

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This is probably a precise Chamonix NG Cars replica of the Porsche 550 Spyder owned by James Dean
Porsche built the 550 Spyder just 89 times from 1953 to 1956. A 1.5 liters engine and 125 hp in the racing version propelled the 550-kilogram Porsche 550 to a top speed of 220 km/h. For more than 3 million Euro you might be able to buy an original Porsche 550.
The 550 Spyder was the first purebred sports car with road approval from Porsche.

Tech highlights of the Viltrox 13mm f1.4 wide angle lens

Viltrox 13mm f1.4 lens optical construction and MFT chart
The Sagittal and Meridional lines in the MTF chart of this Viltrox 13 f1.4 lens are quite flat and close together, this is very promising for a smooth and creamy bokeh. Also unusual for a lens of this price range is the use of 4 Extra-low Dispersion (ED) fluorite glass elements. Click on image to enlarge the chart …
  • 13mm f1.4 lens for Sony e-mount, Fuji X-mount and Nikon Z-mount (approx. 20mm full-frame equivalent)
  • 14 lens elements in 11 groups including ED low dispersion and aspherical lens elements
  • minimum focus distance of approx. 13cm from the front lens element
  • 67mm filter threat and 9 aperture blades
  • Sony e-mount version with de-clicked aperture ring
  • approx. 420g weight and approx. 9cm length
  • virtually zero distortion
  • near-zero focus breathing
  • fast and quiet autofocus
  • full metal lens housing


Good bokeh, even better bokeh, Viltrox 13mm f1.4 lens.

This is not only a wonderful video lens, but for a wide angle lens which compares to a 20mm lens in full-frame, it’s butter soft bokeh is almost perfect in my view and remembers me on my Zeiss Sonnar tele-lenses.

Viltrox 13mm f1.4 wide-angle lens ony a Sony a6100 APS-C camera in my 4K video setup, klick on image to enlarge
Viltrox 13mm f1.4 wide-angle lens ony a Sony a6100 APS-C camera in my 4K video setup, klick on image to enlarge

Review video of the Viltrox 13mm f1.4 lens by Richard Wong, wedding photographer in New Zealand

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  • Do you know more about the Porsche 550 Spyder owned by James Dean which was named “Little Bastard” by him?
  • Do you also think, this is a Chamonix replica of the Porsche 550 Spyder?

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